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notice of the general office of the ministry of industry and information technology on the issuance of the fourth batch of industrial standards revision plan in 2013

no. 217 of the department of industry and information technology [2013]

relevant units:

according to the general arrangement of industry and communication industry standard system and revision, our department has formulated the fourth batch of industry standard system and revision plan in 2013. now printed and distributed to you, please carefully organize the implementation. specific requirements are as follows:

1. the standard drafting unit should pay attention to the overall coordination between standard formulation and technical innovation, test verification, intellectual property disposal, industrialization promotion and application promotion.

2. focal points for standardization technology, technical organizations, relevant industry associations (federations), group companies and other competent authorities shall make arrangements as soon as possible, collect and process standard opinions and conduct technical review in the process of standard formulation, so as to ensure a good technical review.

3. the relevant departments and bureaus of the ministry shall manage the process of making and revising industry standards in the fields in charge and ensure the quality of standards.

4. during the implementation of the plan, if there is any need to adjust the standard items, it shall be handled according to the relevant provisions.

general office of the ministry of industry and information technology

december 31, 2013