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shenzhen yuka purification equipment technology co., ltd. can not develop without your support. we sincerely invite you to visit our company's international ptc shanghai exhibition on october 27-30, 2014, which located at j4-1, hall e7, expo center! yuka  is grateful for your pleasant journey, sharing weal and woe. we hope to take this opportunity to discuss with you the about  future development plan.

the products on display are as follows:

1. ws series high efficiency cyclone gas water separator, flow 1.0-70m3 / min

2. yc series compressed air filter, flow rate 1.2-13m3 / min

3. yb series compressed air filter, flow 1.2-12m3 / min

4. yd series compressed air filter, flow 1.0-37.2m ³ / min

5. ye series compressed air filter, flow rate 1.0-50.m3/min. flange connection can be used for the convenience of large flow installation.

6. 2015 yf series compressed air filter, with flow of 1.0-50.m3/min. flange connection can be used for large flow for easy installation.

7. energy saving automatic drainer, precision filter element, differential pressure indicator, differential pressure indicator and other spare parts. 

yuka has won the following honors with your support over the years: "china's famous brand", "top ten influential brands in china's purification equipment industry", "national aaa level enterprise in quality, service and reputation" in 2014. european "ce" certification, british "aea" precision testing certification. participated in drafting 2013-2263t-jb, gb / t30475.1-2013, gb / t30475.2-2013 and other national and industrial standards. 

yuka's service and development philosophy: quality is the foundation of the enterprise, and innovation and customer's opinions are the precious wealth of the enterprise's development. we will do our best to bring the best products and services to our customers! 

the company's product safety responsibility is covered by china's "picc".

for more details, please feel free to contact us by the following numbers

tel: 0755-28686438

fax: 0755-28627314